January 4, 2011


She was really WOW me ! I do not think i will get this award or even prizes from her. Appreciated. To anyone hush hush pegi follow dia, fosho you will get prizes too! But for 100th followers only. Tak kn nk bagi setiap follower kot, muflis la mcmtu teehee. Oh ok, for this opportunity, aku nak promote her Sporting Contest. If you interested, why not you participate sekali?  Don't be shy ye, just enter :)

Thanks Intan for your kindness. Pleased to meet you. 
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Ok, award ni pula from Atikah Amalina yang sangat comel. Dia ada tahi lalat kt pipi tau. Sweet!

Ucapan pada pemberi award:
A million thanks to you beautiful coz tagged me this stylish award. It made my day :)

Kongsikan 8 fakta tentang diri anda:
I am Hijabbed and i am proud of it
A Aimi doesn't need a guy to be happy
I make a plans then ask my parents
Addict internet
Faithful person
I made mistake and so do you?
hillarious. dats all!

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nelly said...



Nur Ardilla Najwa said...

yuhuuu... tahniah sis... =)

Aimi Razman said...

@nelly : Hai thanks nelly.

Aimi Razman said...

@dilla : hehe, rezeki ;)

A.N.I.T.H said...


Aimi Razman said...

@anith : thanks babe :)

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 the promote.. hadiah akan sampai di rumah awak :)

Aimi Razman said...

@intan : thanks ^^

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