December 23, 2010

Contest : Into The Mirror

Since i got so many pictures yang syok sendiri depan cermin, better aku join contest ni ;)
Contest ni creative babe. Owner dia ialah H!F@ZPH@T from Besut, Terengganu. Orang pantai timur, sama la kita. First time enter her blog, WOW header dia comel and tuan dia lagi la comel. She owns a BOUTIQUE and no wonder la i adore cara dia pakai shawl . Banyak style yang vouge. Let's go to her blog !

Terms and Conditions : HERE

 Picture Into The Mirror:

Ok , i bet this picture will tell you how lucky i am even im at the bottom. I've learned so much how to smile and how being lonely. I'm not ashamed to say that i cried every night. Its hurts and that's why my heart needs a helmet. Now, i can stand and go through all this. Because i just realize, whatever life will bring you , remember your Creator. Allah is always there :)

5 feedback(s) :

butterflyana said...

Good Luck dear!

Aimi Razman said...

butterflyana : You da join ? jom la :)) Thanks taww !

hifazphat said...

datang check ^_^

wah ore kg! hihi
dont worry dear.. Allah is always by our side (✿◠‿◠)

Aimi Razman said...

@hifaz : i kt pahang. kira 1 pantai timur la kan :P
Thanks dear :)

cunndaa said...

gud luck dear

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