December 29, 2010

Beautiful? Indeed

I had a problem ! Last night i had a dream on this guy sambil makan lolipop you know. Why is that not my life? It would be better if he is a Muslim. I just don't know, this man is too beautiful to be true . It could kill me ! Okay i admit, i've had an obsession with Ville Valo since i was in womb. ok tipu. 
His songs have always been about love and relationships. That's a natural topic that he can write about as what he said to me :p
Frankly speaking, He's perfect in my eyes.  

I love when Ville Valo has a mustache lol. Ko sangat swuit! - Google Image

I miss H.I.M - Google Image

Ridiculously good looking! - Google Image

If you only glance at his picture, he looks like Johnny Deep, kan ? Well, i love both of them. 
But since Johnny Deep berlakon dgn Angelina Jolie, aku sangat jeles ! *tetiba
Lagu Summer Wine is my favourite song. Video clip dia sangat luschah. Jangan tengok ok! 

Sigh, I want to go back to dreamland! 

4 feedback(s) :

m!da BucHuxX said...

a'ah muke dea mcm johny deep la.;)

Aimi Razman said...

@mida : sangat serupa. boleh masuk contest kembar seiras :p

iwan_dextrous said...

cool der..^_^

Dextrous cyber life

Aimi Razman said...

@iwan : it is !

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