January 1, 2012

Things I’ve learnt about organizing a conference

Work with great people not 'committee'

It's important to know your team members and their skill sets to make sure each is in the right role, and it's even more important for the team members to know what their responsibilities are. 
Let them "do their thing". Hold them accountable for the success and outcomes of their role.  Set expectations that "you own it," with some guidance and parameters on what they need to do.  Support them, back them up.  One example I often use:  "I don't really care which hours of the day you work, so long as you can make sure we meet our commitment on the deadline.  What do you think and what's your plan?"
Trust needs to be earned, but also requires some faith. In a leadership position you need to grant some trust in order to start the chain.  With follow-through and execution, trust will build.  It's only a matter of time until you can finish each other's sentences. 
A committed team treats the project like their own garden or pet – they obsess over it, they care for it, they own it. They are thinking ahead of how to do it better, already solving the next three problems that haven't been discovered.
Stress affects people differently. I, for one, need an environment where laughter exists. If everyone is so heads down focused without time for a good practical joke, to laugh at ourselves or share some good project humor, I'm not interested. Projects can be tedious, lighten up!

 Its 1st IIUM Dental Students Scientific Conference 2011  !!!

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Khry Hnry said...

hebat sekali dirinya itu...

Anonymous said...

Nice points but I can i ask where you learned of this?

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