June 25, 2011

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Assalamualaikum. It’s Zainab, your future wife. Maybe you’re reading this before we know each other, which would be amazing. Or maybe I’ve shown this to you before we decide to get married.

If I’ve yet to find you, well there are a few things I’m searching for. I hope you’re a good Muslim and the only thing you love more than me is Allah. You also have to keep up with me. I’m always pushing forward. And even when I make mistakes I have that bad habit of not really examining them and chugging forward- so make sure you stop me and make me a little more patient? 

I’m a bit of a nerd. Ok not a ‘bit’. I’m a big nerd. I’m like those quaint bookish types, I like science fiction television shows and going to weird places. 

I hope you like that kind of stuff too. I hope that instead of regular old dates we’ll go to different places and try new things all the time. I’m off beat. 

I think I’m just wasting my time here- I’m trying to get to the point. I tend to ramble too. I try to get my point across as direct as possible but I still ramble- like right now. 

I love you, ok? Even after that honeymoon period where all we can do is stay in bed together and we grow used to each other, my love will always always extend beyond that. You can cry in front of me, you can get angry and mad- you can be silly, you can show me your weaknesses. You can make mistakes big or small- but I still love you. And inshAllah you will love me the same. Because love doesn’t just mean acceptance- it means that I will always be there to pick you up, to push you forward. I’m not the best person. I get angry easily, and I can be stubborn. I’m insecure and sometimes I lack confidence. But I always strive to be the best. It’s often said that the first man in a woman’s life is her father- and that her husband has to be someone who will measure up to him. That is not the case with me, I love my Dad but I don’t want to marry someone like him at all. You must promise to me that you will pour cool water on my hot temper, that you’ll pay attention, that when we have children you will be involved with their life. You have to pay attention, ok? You have to be there, you can’t be emotionally absent in any way. Please don’t let your anger get the best of you, just

Be there. 

And I’ll be the best wife I can be. Together we’ll be ambitious and hardworking and loving. I’ll take care of you and our children, I’ll always be happy to go to your parents and family. Let’s just try to enjoy life though, that’s all. I like rainy days and London. I hope we can live there. And I like dressing up in a weird way. I hope you like to dress up too. And you don’t mind holding hands and kissing me often, and hugging and I can’t adequately explain how I feel Future Husband. Right now it’s like staring out of a window and staring at the vast expanse of earth, of people all living. And from my vantage point trying to look for you. It’s impossible. Maybe you’re right here already?

Let’s meet one day.

Originally by Icing to my Cake

Im about to write a letter like this too.


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tya said...

rinduuu :D

Aimi Razman said...

tya : tya syg, rindu kamuuu jua !!

Anonymous said...


zaty luvlianncezzz said...

zaty pn rindu jugak taw. do apps me kt fb.same name like blog :)

tya said...


ahmadbaihaqie abdrazak said...

so sweet aimi!

model pakaian murah said...

tulisan yang baik untuk di simak,,nice post

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