March 20, 2011

Everything is Temporary

Nothing is permanent. Especially people. Don’t have your hopes high, friends become strangers, lovers become friends. And people leave.

Depending on the way you look at it, this can be either a good or a bad thing.

If your current situation sucks, it’s not permanent. If you are unemployed, it’s not permanent. If you hate your hair cut, it’s not permanent. Things change, you have the ability to change things, things will change over time. So do people. I’m realizing that everyone comes into our lives for a reason, but maybe some people just aren’t meant to stay there forever. Especially the good people. You fight so hard to keep them around, but some are just passing through. It’s like they temporarily come into our lives to bring us something like a gift, a blessing, or a lesson we need to learn and that’s their only purpose. If you pay attention, you can keep that gift forever. 

Nothing gold can stay,

9 feedback(s) :

senyumSOYA said...

yup..that is true~ nice sharing... (^^_

meo said...

wah... peningnye tgk bende itu.. apakah?

Men that love you said...

I would like to stay. Can i? Are you saying that to me?

tya said...

betul tuu . bagus2 :D

Aimi said...

@senyumsoya : Welcome ;)
@meo: mmg pening. jgn tgk taw
@anoy : saying to you? tada lah. lagipun i tk kenal you sape.
@tya : hee :D

zaty luvlianncezzz said...

u r rite
nothing remains 4 eva
especially da most we want

Men that love you said...

I miss you a lot. Dont you have any post later than this?
Are you in love with someone?
Because i'm so in love with you. I'm too shy to meet you face to face.

Aimi Razman said...

@zaty : ya zaty. akhirat is remain permanent. dunya is temporary

@anoy : It waste my time loving people who doesnt love me :(

And you too. Dont waste your time.

Anonymous said...

agree with it nothing is permanent ..

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