November 21, 2010

Shout Awards !

DAMN ! i adore your outfit

What a nice stylo hijab !

The outfit she had on was from Syomir Izwa‘s Spring/Summer ’11 collection 

I am so inspired
My laling was sexy as usual 
Awesome back 

The Winner on Shout Award night

Pop Star Awards – Yuna
Power Vocal Awards - Faizal Tahir
Fresh Tv Series Awards – Nur Kasih
Favourite TV Program Award – Showdown 2010.
Music Video Award – BunkFace
Flava Award – Mizz Nina
Hot Guy Award – Henry Golding
Hot Chick Award – Scha Al Yahya
Coolest Radio Annoucer Award – Phat Babes Fly FM
Favourite Radio Show Award – Hot FM AM Krew
Best On-Screen Chemistry Award – Papadom
Mobile Artiste of The Year Award – Sixth Sense
Break Out Award – Yuna
The Ultimate Award – Yuna


You are Uber awesome lahh 
 i had to steal this photo and blog it haha already lahh !

Those photo have been stolen from Shout Awards 2010 :p

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