October 9, 2010

Lack of makeup and boyfriend too

I have always envied girls with overflowing make up boxes , full of eyeshadows , lip sticks , nail polishes and blushers . whilst I sort of stood alone with my solitary eyeliner pencil and a tube of mascara .The only thing I have to compete with is my chanel nail polishes , but most of that remains unused . Oh well eyeshadows just makes me look like a clown anyway.

I have been doing the most useless crap this week. I have been acting like a child, or rather someone in their mid-teens and I usually pride myself on my maturity, but I've gotten up to some nonsense recently that makes me question that .

I'm going to blame it all on one man.
one man.

I'm not quite sure where I am with him, im certainly not ready for a relationship but I dont not want to have one.

I guess I like the way im now.

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